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Jun 28, 2017

They Don’t Have Any Evidence! All They Have Is What She Said

NH Criminal Defense – As a criminal defense lawyer handling heavy felonies, I hear this frequently from clients. It is especially common in assault and sexual assault cases. My client will tell me that, number one, he didn’t do it …

Jun 27, 2017

Charles G. Douglas, III Receives Distinguished Service Award

We are proud that our friend, colleague and partner, Charles G. Douglas, III was honored with with the Distinguished Service to the Legal Profession Award on June 23, 2017, by the New Hampshire Bar Association.  This award recognizes Chuck’s important …

Jun 21, 2017

Watch Your Speed and Make Sure Your Car’s Equipment is Working

NH DUI/DWI – Two of the most common reasons for DUI/DWI stops by the police are speeding and faulty equipment. Police officers, by training and experience, believe that the later it is at night, the more likely it is that …

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