Surgical Mistakes are Commonplace

Surgical-mistakesBy C. Kevin Leonard – New Hampshire Personal Injury Attorney

A recent study suggests that dangerous medical errors happen more frequently than you might care to believe. Researchers reporting their findings online in the journal Surgery note that “never events” occur frequently.

In the medical community, the so-called “never event” refers to certain medical mistakes that should never occur. These mistakes include leaving an instrument inside a patient, operating on the wrong body part or performing the wrong procedure. While some type of mistakes in health care are considered not preventable, these “never events” are preventable.

The study’s findings are based on research covering 1990-2010. It is estimated that a sueon in the United States left a foreign object (such as a sponge) inside a patient 39 times a week, performed the wrong procedure on a patient 20 times a week and operated on the wrong body part 20 times a week.

When you undergo a surgery, you expect it to go smoothly. Most times it does. Based on the study, patients receiving the wrong procedure had the highest odds of death or injury and younger patients had a better chance of surviving a “never event” than those over the age of 60. Patients between the ages of 40 and 49 had the most “never events.”

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