Spring Weather Brings Increased Motorcycle Accidents

motorcycle accidentsNH Motorcycle Accidents – The first day of Spring 2017 just passed and the warm weather brings more motorcycles to the roads.  A recent news report from Rochester, NH is a too familiar story of motorcycle vs. car accident.  This is a time that drivers of other vehicles need a reminder to start paying more attention for motorcycles.  The police reported that the car driver crossed the center line to make a U-turn when the crash happened.  The motorcycle driver was flown by helicopter to the hospital for medical treatment.

Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycle deaths occurred 27 times more frequently than other fatalities in other vehicles, according to 2014 fatal crash data from the United States Department of Transportation.  Motorcyclist deaths had been declining but by 2015 a total of 4,693 motorcyclists died in crashes.  The same data showed that 60% of all motorcyclist deaths in 2015 occurred during May through September.

Motorcycle Safety

Motorcycle crashes are preventable but they typically cause more serious injuries because the biker is unprotected by the motorcycle compared to a car.  In order to keep motorcyclists safe, everyone needs to share the road and be alert.  Motorcyclists need to drive defensively and make themselves visible and watch for inattentive drivers.

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