Should I Mediate My Employment Discrimination Case?

Mediation is a process through which parties seek to resolve their disputes between themselves, without surrendering the role of decision maker to a judge or jury.

In a recent case I mediated, I facilitated a resolution of the case under which the employee got a job—the result the employee really wanted in a case in which he alleged that discriminatory reasons formed the basis of the employer’s failure to hire him.

Litigating the case would not have gotten the employee a job.  The only award that a judge or jury could have given the employee under the circumstances of this case, if he had prevailed, would have consisted of money damages.  Mediation can yield results that the judicial system cannot provide that better serve both parties’ interests. 

In addition to representing employees in employment discrimination cases, I mediate such cases.   If you wish the services of an experienced mediator of employment discrimination cases to get your case resolved, contact Benjamin T. King, Esquire, at 1-800-240-1988.


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