The Catholic Diocese of Savanna, Ga agreed to settle a sex abuse claim involving a former priest for $4.2 million.  The plaintiff, now a 40-year-old man, said he was molested by a priest starting when he was ten years old while a Catholic school student.  The plaintiff claimed that the Diocesan officials knew that the priest posed a danger to children but failed to take action.  Later, the priest was convicted for sexually abusing two boys.

Nationwide, the Catholic Church has paid tens of millions of dollars to settle these types of sexual abuse claims.  These types of claims are a reminder that a sexual abuse victim can hold institutions accountable if they were aware of a danger posed to children but failed to take action or ignored warning signs.

Victims of childhood sexual abuse often face long-term injuries.  The seriousness of childhood sexual abuse cannot be overstated because it can interfere with things like being able to work and develop relationships.


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