What Remedy Do You Have For A Nursing Home Fall Resulting in Serious Injury

NH Nursing Homes – The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has published a statistic stating that 50% – 75% of elderly nursing home residents suffer a least one (1) fall per year.  According to the CDC, 10% – 20% of such falls result in these vulnerable residents suffering serious injury.

Can Nursing Homes Be Found Liable?

Under certain circumstances, nursing homes can be found liable in negligence for injuries suffered by residents as a result of falls.  Liability can be imposed on nursing homes if, among other things, they: (1) fail to implement an adequate fall prevention policy; (2) fail to train staff appropriately in carrying out the fall prevention policy; (3) fail to ensure that the nursing home premises are clean and safe; (4) fail to assess new residents for their fall risk; or (5) fail to make appropriate accommodations to enable safer mobility for residents who have a high risk of falling.

If you have questions regarding a nursing home fall that has resulted in serious injury, you should consult an attorney knowledgeable about the handling of such claims such as Benjamin T. King at Douglas, Leonard & Garvey.  Attorney King can be reached at 603-224-1988 or fill out our online contact form.



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