Does New Hampshire Recognize Alimony?

Yes. The Court has the discretion to award alimony. In determining whether an alimony award is appropriate, the Court will consider whether the spouse requesting alimony has a financial need and whether the spouse from whom alimony is sought as the financial ability to pay. If the Court finds there is a need for alimony and an ability to pay alimony, the following are some of the factors that the Court will consider in determining the amount and duration of the alimony award:

• The length of the marriage;

• The age and health of the parties at the time of the divorce;

• The ability to earn income of each spouse;

• Future financial prospects of each spouse;

• The parties’ respective contributions during the marriage; and

• Fault grounds for the marital breakdown.

Unlike child support, which is oftentimes calculated based upon a mathematical formula, there is no such formula for calculating the amount and duration of alimony.


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