Spinal Cord & Neck Injuries

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neck injuriesNH Spinal Cord & Neck Injury  – Each year, thousands of people are victim to spinal cord and neck injuries. Leading cases of such injuries are automobile accidents, slip and falls, and workplace accidents. These injuries can have a devastating and long-term impact on you and your family.

In addition to facing serious injuries, you may experience lost wages from time out of work and rising medical bills for necessary medical treatment and rehabilitation. Because victims of spinal cord and neck injuries may experience a long and difficult rehabilitation, it is important that you get a full recovery for your injuries.

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NH Spinal Cord Lawyers

In a spinal cord and neck injury, you will typically be dealing with an insurance company. Some insurance companies tend to make light of a spinal cord and neck injury case. Insurance companies have teams of people working for them to pay the lowest amount for your claim.  Don’t be at the mercy of insurance companies.

Many people ask, “Do I need a lawyer?”  You want someone with experience and a proven track record. We think you deserve that and more.

Our NH spinal cord lawyers include a former state Supreme Court and Superior Court judge, Charles G. Douglas, III.  On top of that, he wrote the New Hampshire Evidence Manual, which is used by judges and lawyers across the state regarding evidence in court.  This is the knowledge and experience you need to take on the insurance company, protect your rights, and get the compensation you deserve.

New Hampshire Spinal Cord Injury Attorneys

Once our NH spinal cord and neck injury attorneys are involved, we’ll take immediate action. We handle all communications on your behalf and bring the peace of mind that you are not alone dealing with this problem. Our law firm will stop the calls from insurance companies, investigate the facts of your accident, and put together the best legal strategy to maximize your recovery. This may involve interviewing witnesses, consulting experts or preserving other helpful evidence.

After an accident, you have enough to deal with. Our New Hampshire neck injury lawyers focus on your case so all you need to focus on is recovering.  Our job as your spinal cord attorney is to get you the most money for your injuries because the insurance company and its lawyers want to pay you the least amount of money.

NH Spinal Cord and Neck Injury Lawyers

You need a NH spinal cord and neck injury lawyer who knows how to aggressively handle an insurance company and spinal cord or neck injury claims.  You can talk with our NH personal injury lawyers at Douglas, Leonard & Garvey for a free evaluation.  Our experienced injury attorneys will represent you against the insurance company.  If you have a spinal cord or neck injury accident, talk with our NH spinal cord and neck injury lawyers at 1-800-240-1988 for a FREE evaluation, or by filling out our online form.

Spinal Cord & Neck Injuries

Do I Need Photographs Of My Injuries?


Maybe you’ve heard the expression that “a picture is worth a thousand words.”  It is important to take photographs of your injuries as soon as possible before they start to heal or fade. You should also take photographs of prescribed treatments.

These photographs will be used to support your claim because they demonstrate your injuries and pain and suffering.


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What is a Spinal Cord Injury?

A spinal cord injury is used to describe any damage to the spinal cord or nerves surrounding it. Typically, broken bones in the neck or back pressing on the spinal cord cause the injury.

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Spinal Cord & Neck Injuries

What are Common Causes of Spinal Cord Injury?


There are many causes for spinal cord injuries, but common causes include motor vehicle collisions, falls, sports injuries and other medical conditions.

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Spinal Cord & Neck Injuries

Is A Spinal Cord Injury Permanent?

Any disability associated with a spinal cord injury depends on the severity of the injury. Spinal cord injuries are classified as either complete or incomplete. Complete injuries result in total loss of sensation and function below the injury level. Incomplete injuries result in partial loss.

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Spinal Cord & Neck Injuries

How Common are Spinal Cord Injuries?

How common are spinal cord injuries?

It’s estimated that 276,000 people are living with spinal cord injuries.

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Spinal Cord & Neck Injuries

Do I Need to Hire An Attorney If I Have Suffered a Spinal Cord Injury?

Yes. Insurance companies have experienced adjusters and lawyers on their side trying to settle with you for the least amount of money, which is why you need an experienced lawyer to protect your interests. This is especially true with someone who has suffered a spinal cord injury. Some insurance adjusters and defense lawyers misunderstand the symptoms, consequences and medical treatment for a spinal cord injury.


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Spinal Cord & Neck Injuries


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