What Are the Marijuana Laws in New Hampshire?

Marijuana in NH – The shape of New Hampshire resembles a crudely-drawn triangle. It shares two long borders on its east and west ends with Maine and Vermont, as well as a relatively shorter border with Massachusetts. Being next to these three states highlights New Hampshire’s differences from its neighboring states who have grown accustomed to legalized possession of marijuana.  This means crossing the border has big implications.

The New Hampshire legislature said it needs more time to study a bill that would bring this state in line with the surrounding states. That means New Hampshire will remain the only state in northern New England that will impose a fine on anyone found in possession of less than 3/4 of an ounce of marijuana, and even criminal penalties on those who possess more than 3/4 of an ounce, are between the ages of 18 and 21, or repeat offenders.

Police Authority

On the bright side, New Hampshire has limited the authority of police officers to make arrests based solely on personal possession of under 3/4 ounces of marijuana. Instead, once the police discover the marijuana, they are obligated to release you on a summons. However, like other states, New Hampshire does not tolerate driving while impaired by any drug, so they will certainly arrest any driver who has consumed the marijuana.

Medical Cards

Medical cards work on the same principle: it’s okay for patients to possess the proper amount of marijuana, but there is no protection from an arrest for impaired driving. Out-of-state cards present an additional problem, too, because those patients will be required to produce, along with a valid out-of-state card, a statement from their doctor that their condition qualifies for therapeutic cannabis protection under New Hampshire law.

If you’re from out of state and got caught unaware of New Hampshire’s laws, make sure you have a thorough and experienced New Hampshire lawyer to protect and defend you. To get started, call Jared Bedrick at Douglas, Leonard & Garvey, P.C., 1-800-240-1988 or fill out our online contact form.





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