Oct 19, 2016

The Use of Electronic Devices While Driving

NH Use of Electronic Devices – As reported on October 2, 2016, by the Union Leader, data collected by the Department of Safety has demonstrated that the manual use of electronic devices caused 103 crashes from the time the hands-free …

May 06, 2016

Have Fun But Follow Bicycling Laws in New Hampshire

As the warmer weather sets in, many people are getting their bicycles out from the garage or basement for a long awaited ride.  Bicycling can be a fun means of exercise and eco-friendly transportation.  Don’t let your bicycling experience be …

Apr 21, 2016

Spring Means Motorcycles

It looks like we are going to enjoy an early spring here in New Hampshire.  If you have been on the road in the last few weeks chances are you have seen motorcycles out and about.  Possibly you have been …

Jul 02, 2015

How Do I Pay For Medical Bills From My Auto Accident?

Some people injured in auto accidents do not have health insurance, which would cover any medical treatment from a car crash the same as for any other illness or injury. The good news is if you have automobile insurance in …

Jun 16, 2015

6 Steps If You Are Involved In An Car Accident

You should know what steps to take immediately following an accident to protect yourself and your legal rights. Here are the steps you should take if you are involved in an accident with another vehicle, bicycle or pedestrian.   Stop …

Jun 06, 2013

Spring Means Motorcycle Weather – But Be Careful

  It’s finally starting to feel like spring in New Hampshire. The days are getting longer and temperatures are getting warmer. For a lot of us that means more opportunities for driving, and the opportunity to motorcycles. Unfortunately, accidents involving …


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