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Oct 04, 2018

What Is Resisting Arrest in New Hampshire?

Resisting arrest is one of the easiest charges any prosecutor can bring, which makes it one of the toughest charges to defend against. This can give the State extra leverage in negotiating a plea agreement, which is why prosecutors will …

Sep 26, 2018

What State Can I File My Child Custody Case In?

Jurisdiction – NH Child Custody – It can be complicated if parents live in different states to determine which state to a file a custody case. Except under a temporary emergency situation, under RSA 458-A:15, ┬áNew Hampshire has jurisdiction under …

Sep 17, 2018

Gender Stereotyping in Employment

NH Gender Stereotyping – Tennis star Serena Williams has gotten a lot of attention of late, for her argument that a male U.S. Open referee punished her more severely for her outbursts on the court than he would have punished …

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