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Feb 21, 2019

Is Bullying at Work Illegal in New Hampshire?

NH Workplace Bullying – Many people are familiar with the term “hostile work environment.”   A hostile work environment is one that consists of offensive conduct, so severe or pervasive that it alters the terms and conditions of employment.  In order …

Feb 19, 2019

How To Create a Realistic Parenting Plan

NH Parenting Plans – Parents in family law cases are required to file a parenting plan that sets out how they will share parenting time, parenting duties and financial responsibilities for their children during and after their case.   When considering …

Feb 11, 2019

How Many Women in NH Experience Sexual Harassment – Part I

While the Me Too movement only recently gained widespread news coverage, the initiative actually began over ten years ago.  But it transformed into a viral campaign in October 2017 when actress Alyssa Milano took to Twitter to invite those who …

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