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Oct 15, 2018

Does New Hampshire Law Protect Against Transgender Discrimination?

Transgender Discrimination – Effective July 8, 2018, New Hampshire expanded its anti-discrimination law to include transgender people.  The new law provides the same protections from discrimination to other people to ban discrimination in housing, employment and public accommodations. New Protections …

Oct 11, 2018

What is an SR-22?

SR-22 – Some drivers in New Hampshire and other states get notice from their local DMV that they are being required to obtain an SR-22. What is that? It’s way to for certain drivers to prove that they have the …

Oct 10, 2018

Does New Hampshire Require Equal Pay?

NH Equal Pay – It is illegal in New Hampshire under both state and federal law to pay employees different wages for the same work based solely on sex, according to the New Hampshire Department of Labor. Under RSA 275:37 …

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