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Dec 18, 2018

Can the Police Search My Garage Without a Warrant?

NH Search of Garages – Earlier this year, the United States Supreme Court announced its decision in Collins v. Virginia, a case that asked the Court to tell us whether the police could snoop around your garage so long as …

Dec 17, 2018

When Should I Report My Workplace Injury?

 Work Place Injury – Often, New Hampshire employees delay reporting to their employers that they have suffered a workplace injury.  For example, an employee may suffer shooting back pain while lifting a heavy object at work.  The pain is blinding …

Dec 13, 2018

Do I Have to Give My Phone’s Passcode to the Government?

Passcodes – No one will contest that a person’s phone stores more private information than they would care to share with their friends, neighbors, and, most importantly, the police. Even those who say “I’ve got nothing to hide” would still …

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