Why Texting and Driving in NH Could Be the Start of Your Legal Troubles

textingTexting – New Hampshire’s distracted driving law, RSA 265:79-c, prohibits the use of hand-held mobile devices while driving. This law went into effect on July 1, 2015, and there have already been several notable prosecutions based on it. The fine for a 1st offense is $100. No big deal, right?  Well, using a hand held device to text, in particular, is incredibly dangerous. Taking your eyes off any road while driving at any speed, for the average 5-8 seconds it usually takes people to even look at a text, can get people killed.   More than that, it can get you pulled over by a cop who sees you looking at a mobile device or who has received a tip that you are driving and texting. And as we’ve discussed in other blogs on this site, getting pulled over can be where your troubles begin.

No Texting – Avoid Getting Pulled Over

Just as you want to avoid getting pulled over by the police because some of your car’s equipment is not working, you want to avoid getting pulled over for distracted driving. You may have had 2 light beers over a 2 hour period.  And while those 2 beers in that period of time won’t make you legally impaired, they will leave a smell of alcoholic beverage on your breath.  Just that smell of an alcoholic beverage will make the officer suspicious for a DUI/DWI. The officer may then get you out of the car to perform roadside acrobatics – field sobriety tests.  The officer’s judgment as to your performance on those tests is all it can take to get you arrested and defending a DUI/DWI.  Sure, you may eventually be found not guilty, but not until after you’ve endured inconvenience and legal fees.

Better to avoid the problem in the first place. Don’t text and drive, and do use a Bluetooth when you use the phone and drive. Be safe, and call Skip Campbell at 1-800-240-1988 if you run into a problem or fill out our online contact form.




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