Slip and Fall Injuries

A fall can take place both inside and outside and can
result from bad flooring, wet floors, poorly lighted
steps, weather-related conditions, and hidden defects.
Ice and snow, cracks or potholes are conditions that can
cause a serious slip and fall injury. Slip and fall
injuries can happen anywhere, and often occur at grocery
stores, department stores, in parking lots, and on
Property owners are responsible for injuries that occur
as a result of a dangerous or hazardous condition on
their property, which the owner knew about or should
have known about.

It is important to have an experienced slip and fall
lawyer because time is of the essence after a slip and
fall accident. Our experienced slip and fall lawyers at
Douglas, Leonard & Garvey will initiate a prompt
investigation because, depending on the circumstances of
your accident, the hazard that caused the slip and fall
may be temporary, such as a liquid spill in a grocery
store, and may be cleaned up quickly. Acting promptly,
our lawyers will attempt to preserve the necessary
evidence, identify and locate witnesses and assist you
with getting the medical treatment you need.

In a slip and fall case you will typically be dealing
with an insurance company. Some insurance companies tend
to make light of a slip and fall accident. Insurance
companies have their own experienced adjusters and
lawyers and rely on the fact that many slip and fall
victims do not get an experienced New Hampshire lawyer.
Without your own personal injury attorney, insurance
companies count on that you do not know the fair value
of your injuries. Our job as your slip and fall lawyer
is to get you the most money for your injuries while
insurance companies want to pay you the least amount of
money. Our lawyers will deal with the insurance
companies or their lawyers to make sure your claim is
protected and you recover the money you deserve.

Choose an Experienced New Hampshire Slip
and Fall Lawyer

The attorneys at Douglas, Leonard & Garvey have years of
experience in handling slip and fall cases. Many lawyers claim
to have experience in slip and fall cases. It is important to
choose a skilled and experienced personal injury lawyer to
ensure that you get the most money for your injuries.

We have prepared, A
Guide to New Hampshire Slip and Fall Accidents
, which may provide answers to
some of your questions about slip and fall cases. Our
Video Library or
FAQ may answer more of
your questions. To make sure you choose the right attorney, please download our
guide, How to Choose a Personal Injury Lawyer, which provides answers to some
questions you may have about hiring the right attorney for your case.

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