Apr 13, 2016

What Happens To My Health Insurance After a Divorce?

What Happens To My Health Insurance After a Divorce? Many divorcing couples do not know their rights and the law regarding health insurance after divorce.  Women are twice as likely as men to be dependent on their spouses’ health coverage …

Jul 22, 2015

In a New Hampshire Divorce, What is Rule 1.25-A Mandatory Disclosure – Part I

Rule 1.25-A can be found on the NH Judicial Branch website and this rule requires you and the other party to exchange certain financial information and other documents early in your case. Why is this rule necessary? Your case will …

Jun 25, 2015

In a New Hampshire Divorce, What Is a First Appearance?

A First Appearance is when the court requires you and your ex-partner (as well as other couples who have filed for divorce or parenting plans) to be in court. If you have filed for divorce or filed a parental rights …

Jun 24, 2015

What is a Child Impact Program in a New Hampshire Divorce

All parties involved in a divorce, or actions involving parental rights and responsibilities and child support are required by law to attend a CHILD IMPACT PROGRAM. This is a four-hour informational seminar on how to help children deal with issues …

Apr 21, 2014

Grounds for Divorce in New Hampshire

The vast majority of N.H. divorces are no-fault, based on irreconcilable differences. The most often cited grounds in

Oct 17, 2013

Post-Marital Contracts are Now Permitted in NH

By Chuck Douglas, Concord NH Lawyer For decades, New Hampshire has allowed pre-nuptial agreements to be signed between spouses-to-be prior to their marriage.  In August, the Supreme Court ruled that post-marital agreements or post-nuptials are now permitted under New Hampshire law.  The court said the modern view is …

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