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Jul 12, 2018

Public Employees Whose Government Employers Stigmatize Them Can Pursue A Claim

Stigmatization Claim – The First Circuit Court of Appeals in Boston recently held that circumstances may exist where a government employee’s termination so damages the employee’s reputation that the government violates his liberty interest protected under the Due Process Clause …

Jun 01, 2018

Can I Sue For False Arrest After My Criminal Charges Are Dropped?

Can You Sue For False Arrest After Your Criminal Charges Are Dropped?  It depends. Facts In the town of New Ipswich, a natural gas pipeline was being constructed. An opponent of the project was Matthew Zinicola, who had a verbal …

Jun 01, 2018

Can the Same Lawyer Represent You and Your Girlfriend in a Divorce?

Representation in Divorces – In cases where two married spouses are each getting divorced and planning to marry the other’s spouses after their two divorces are granted, can one new couple save money by sharing the same lawyer? In a …

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