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Sep 06, 2017

Can I Be Charged With DUI For Taking My Prescription Drugs?

Prescription Drugs and Driving – The short answer is yes. Under New Hampshire RSA 265-A:2(a), a person can be charged with DUI for driving a motor vehicle on a public way: While such person is under the influence of intoxicating …

Aug 21, 2017

What Is An Ex-Parte Emergency Motion

Ex-parte emergency motions are not liberally granted and many are denied because the moving party does not follow the proper legal and procedural rules. The party filing a motion for emergency or ex-parte relief must show that immediate and irreparable …

Aug 15, 2017

Is Spouse’s Work as a Sex Worker Grounds for Annulment?

NH Annulment – A husband in a 27 year marriage claimed that his wife concealed her prior lifestyle of prostitution, drug use and “certain medical procedures.”  Had he known this background he said he would not have married her. Annulment …

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