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Apr 23, 2018

Neutral Case Evaluation Could be Helpful To Your Case

What is Neutral Case Evaluation Neutral Case Evaluation is a process where they parties in either a divorce or parenting case discuss their case before a Case Evaluator who is either a Judge, Marital Master, Referee, or Retired Judge or …

Apr 19, 2018

What Are the Marijuana Laws in New Hampshire?

Marijuana in NH – The shape of New Hampshire resembles a crudely-drawn triangle. It shares two long borders on its east and west ends with Maine and Vermont, as well as a relatively shorter border with Massachusetts. Being next to …

Apr 12, 2018

Don’t Unilaterally Change or Verbally Agree to Change Child Support

NH Child Support — Even if you and your ex are best friends and get along better than you did during your relationship, do not unilaterally decide to change the amount of the child support or make a verbal agreement …

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