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May 09, 2018

Does NH Law Prohibit Discrimination Based on Gender Identity?

NH Gender Identity – About every other week, I find myself in the drive-through with my 8 year-old in the back, ordering the “regular,” a 6-piece chicken nugget kids meal.  We have the order down pat – sweet and sour …

May 03, 2018

You’ve Been Warned: Punishment for DUI Goes Up Each Time

DWI Punishment – The New Hampshire DUI laws were designed to send a strong “zero tolerance” message to people that get behind the wheel after drinking. One way it sends that message is by making the punishment more and more …

Apr 30, 2018

Can I Pull Over and “Sleep It Off”?

Can I Sleep It Off In My Car — Sometimes it’s hard to measure how much alcohol it takes for a person to be “impaired” enough to be guilty of driving under the influence. People might go out and have …

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