2012 A Bad Year For Fatal Auto Accidents in New Hampshire

By C. Kevin Leonard – New Hampshire Personal Injury Attorney

The 2012 statistics for fatal crashes in New Hampshire show that increases in motorcycle fatalities and pedestrian deaths explain most of the rise in traffic deaths this year. Officials are uncertain why motorcycle and pedestrian deaths increased this year.

While the number of crashes may fluctuate from year to year, the primary causes remain the same according to New Hampshire State Police. About 75 percent of total traffic fatalities relate to impaired driving, distracted driving and speed, along with a lack of seatbelt use.

Analysis by the Department of Safety showed that August was the deadliest month in 2012, with 22 people killed in 20 separate crashes. September was next, with 11 crashes and 12 deaths.

As for seatbelt use, New Hampshire does not have a mandatory adult seatbelt law. Officials state that an estimated 75 percent of drivers here use their seatbelts voluntarily but about 71 percent of fatal accidents involve a lack of seatbelt use.

There’s a similar statistic related to the use of motorcycle helmets, which are also not mandatory in New Hampshire. Helmets were not used in 63 percent of fatal motorcycle crashes in 2012.

Another disturbing increase is the number of alcohol related fatalities. From 2009 to 2011, 41 percent of fatal crashes were related to impairment by alcohol and/or drugs.

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